We are committed to ensuring our dogs have a loving home

What is a guardian home?

A guardian home is a relationship between us the breeder, and you the Guardian family.  Since we are a home-based breeder who believes that dogs should be a part of a loving family and not live in kennels, we will be placing some of our puppies with a family to one day use in our breeding program.  We want to ensure that our dogs all have a loving home and that the dogs that live with us are getting the necessary love and attention that they need. We will consider eligible families for a placement of a puppy that would live with you and come to us for breeding. The puppy would belong to Ridge & Valley farm until they are released from the program but in all other aspects, the puppy would be your family member. This is a relatively short term contract with us. If you are interested in potentially being a guardian family for an upcoming litter, please fill out the application.


How much does it cost?

The cost of a Guardian Home puppy is a deposit of $300 that is refunded at first breeding.  We also offer additional payments at each breeding as a "thank you."  The reason we charge a deposit is to ensure that we have families that are serious about the Guardian Program.  Your family is responsible for general routine veterinary care and wellness of the puppy (e.g. vaccines, food, grooming, heart worm prevention, training, etc.).  Any breeding related costs are at our expense.


How does it work?
Your family would adopt the puppy as usual at 8-12 weeks and the puppy will live in your forever home.  During the first year we will complete some health tests on the puppy (at our cost) to ensure the puppy is eligible for breeding.  We will stay in regular contact with you and require visits 2-3 times a year at our property so that the puppy is comfortable around us and at our home. 

Male puppy- beginning just over a year we will call and arrange when we need to have the puppy come to our house for breeding.  Male dogs will breed for up to 5 years.  The number of breedings will depend on our scheduled litters but will not exceed 4 per year.  We will provide plenty of notice when an upcoming breeding is near.  At 6 years old, we will pay to have him neutered and he will carry out his years with you.

Female puppy-beginning at approximately 2 years, we will need you to monitor for heat cycles.  As soon as the heat cycle begins, the dog will come to our house for a week.  She will be returned to you after this week.  Approximately 2 months later, the dog will return to our home to whelp and raise the puppies (for 8 weeks).  You are more than welcome to visit your dog during this time. The breedings will be consecutive breedings (provided there are no concerns).  Research has shown that consecutive breedings are better for the health of a dog.  We will only breed the dog up to 4 times.  At this time, the dog will be spayed and she will live out her years with you.

Why is a Guardian home advantageous for your family?
If you have been dreaming of owning a beautiful puppy and would love to have that puppy for free you may be interested in the program. You are helping us provide a happy, loving home for our dogs. There are also added bonuses for our Guardian families:
- female guardians: $100 for each puppy delivered

- male guardians: $300 per litter
- special gifts
- boarding for your dog if you need to go on vacation (based on our availability)
- spaying/neutering are included

Who is eligible for our Guardian Home program?
In order to be eligible for the Program, your family must:
- live within 150 km of our farm (we are located on the Jarvis/Simcoe townline) although the closer the better! We want the distance to be reasonable for you!
- have a fully fenced yard
- be willing to travel to our home for breeding when needed (this is essential)
- be willing to visit us 2-3 times a year for puppy play dates
- be willing to have an open line of communication with us
- not relocate to a distance greater than 200km from us (and notify us if you move)
- agree to provide a healthy, loving environment for the puppy which includes annual veterinary visits, vaccinations and flea/tick/heart worm prevention
- be flexible!  We are looking for families that are easy to get along with and want to be a part of our Ridge & Valley family

If you think that your family would be a good match please fill out the application.

Guardian Home Application- has been closed since we have found homes for our upcoming placements and have many families waiting