The Girls



Molly is an F1 Goldendoodle. She is a sweet and playful girl who loves to explore the farm.  She has a beautiful coat. Molly is incredibly social and loves to play with children and other dogs. Her docile temperament made her a great addition to our family. Molly is 50 lbs and 22" at the shoulders. Molly has now retired.



Daisy is a stunning Golden Retriever with a rich red coat.  She loves attention and cuddling with us in the evenings and is extremely intelligent and gentle.  Daisy is 45 lbs and 22" tall. Daisy is retired now but continues to enjoy her retirement days with the rest of the gang on the farm.



Meet Paisley, our Mini Multigen Goldendoodle. She is a stunning blue merle pattern and has a soft wavy coat that does not shed at all. She is a very easy-going girl who loves to be close to us.  She would spend all day cuddling with us if she could! She also loves playing with her furry brothers and sisters on the farm and her human little brother. She is 26lbs and 18" tall at the shoulders.  Paisley has started her retirement.



Meet Hazel, our Standard F1B Goldendoodle. She is a silver-beige colour with white abstract markings. She is a very smart girl who loves to snuggle with her human sisters and guardian "pawrents". Her dad was a certified service dog and she has clearly inherited his laid-back temperament. Hazel is now enjoying retirement with her guardian family who has raised her from a puppy!




Meet our Standard F1B Goldendoodle. Sophie is a beautiful apricot colour with stunning amber eyes. She is a snuggle bunny and LOVES attention."  Sophie will sit and wait patiently for any form of petting at any point in the day! Her fur is soft and she is approximately 50lbs.




Maggie is a sweet and gentle Golden Retriever who has a very docile temperament. She loves to be close to us and has a very relaxed demeanor. Maggie has a deep red coat and beautiful eyes. She is a very easy-going girl who loves to be close to us and play with toys.  She is one of our best girls for helping socialize our litters of puppies! She has such a sweet and motherly nature.

Maggie also loves playing with all the other dogs in the yard and going for a swim in her doggy pool.



Meet Sadie, our Medium F1B Goldendoodle. She is Molly and Rudy's daughter. Sadie is a loving, affectionate, playful, gentle member of her family.  She loves to learn new things like tricks and obstacle courses, or just hang out with her people. She has passed courses 1 and 2 of obedience training and loves to practise these skills on a daily basis. Sadie lives with her guardian family and has 2 human sisters, age 12 and 16. Sadie is her 12 year old sister's bestie! They play together doing tricks, obstacle courses, walking in the neighbourhood meeting up with all their fur friends along the way. They make funny videos together and just hangout on the couch watching tv. Sadie is such a loyal member of her family. She also loves to go for hikes, and canoe camping, and poochy playdates with her friends in the neighbourhood. She is 26lbs.




This beautiful girl is a medium phantom/parti F1b that weighs 30 lbs.  Bella has a bubbly personality and loves playing with other dogs. She also loves playing at her cottage with her guardian family. 

Bella is a really sweet dog who loves to sit on your lap and cuddle. She won’t go to bed unless her guardian family has a cuddle with her. 

She also loves playing fetch with any toy or ball she can find, although she would really like you to chase her rather than give up her toy. 

Bella loves running free or just going for walks. She also loves playing with other dogs. She is so agile it is hard for a lot of dogs to catch her or keep up with her. 




Rosie is a medium F1 Goldendoodle that weighs 35 lbs. She is the daughter of Daisy and Rudy. Rosie is a sweet and energetic dog who loves her daily walks and belly rubs. She’s very intelligent, obedient and eager to please her people. Her favourite past time is stalking and chasing  small creatures in the backyard. She brings so much joy and laughter to her guardian family. She is also wonderful with small children and is one of Harrison's favourite playmates when she comes to visit us at the farm.



Meet Annie, our stunning Golden Retriever with a stocky build. Annie is confident and independent puppy with a sweet personality. Her favourite hobby is working with her guardian family on obedience and she has completed Novice level and Intermediate level training. Her beauty and amazing red copper color draws attention everywhere she goes! She lives with her human Mom and Dad, but loves her extended fur family at day school. She weighs 73 lbs.




Lucy is a stunning F1 Goldendoodle with a soft fleecy coat. Lucy has a big personality and loves nothing more than to play with humans and dogs of all sizes, as evidenced by her goofy smile and floppy gallop. She is super smart and has already picked up on many words and phrases, and even knows how to play “hide and seek”! She loves being close to her guardian family at all times and is a big snuggler!




Abbey, a sweet Mini Multigen Goldendoodle. She is 26lbs of joy! She is the daughter or Paisley and Rudy. She has a beautiful chocolate merle coat that is soft and fleecy coat with no shedding. Abbey is a total goofy girl who loves to play with her Mom and Dad or her human siblings. Her human brother has ADHD and Abbey just seems to know how to help him when he needs it, she'll lay with him for pets to calm him down and when his feelings are big she always comes right to his side to help him feel better. She loves playing with other dogs and thrives on social outings. Her mom takes her into stores all the time and she loves all the pats and treats she gets from everyone around her. One day, her her mom hopes to have her certified as a therapy dog because her sweet temperament is perfect for the job!



Clara is a medium sable parti F1b. She is also half sisters with Bella. Her colouring is going through its amazing transition as her dark coat is clearing. She is an absolute sweetheart, and such a smart pup. She enjoys play dates with her dog friends in the neighbourhood with play dates a few times a week and gets super excited to play with them. Clara also loves kids and her guardian parents.




Ginger is a mini chocolate parti F1bb Goldendoodle although she is plotting more like a petite size (15 lbs at 6 months old). She is the daughter of Sadie and our latest addition to our breeding program. Ginger lives with her guardian family and loves playing with her older doggy sibling and human siblings. She is sweet and cuddly and has a very confident personality. She is currently 13 lbs.

Our dogs have had full breed-specific genetic health testing with Paw Print Genetics.


It all started with a cold nose and warm heart

Here at Ridge and Valley farm we focus on bringing healthy and happy puppies to you and your family.  Dog breeding has been a family passion for many years and we are second generation breeders.  We bring with us the experience of Joyce, who has been breeding puppies for over 20 years and continues to be an integral part of the family here at Ridge and Valley.  Her experience and guiding hand helped shape us as breeders and has allowed us to provide you with a healthy, well cared for, and preloved puppy.

Farm life at Ridge and Valley is based on two pillars: Health and Happiness.  Everything we do here is about bringing health and happiness to our lives, and the lives of the ones we love. We grow our own organic vegetables and fruit and feel it’s important to support our local community and farmers by purchasing whatever we don’t grow from them.  Our chickens are all heritage breed chickens from small farmers within Ontario.  They are free range chickens who help us with producing our farm fresh eggs. We are dedicated to providing our animals with a happy life here on the farm.  Our dogs do not live in kennels but instead are an integral part of our daily life, they live with us and are part of our family.  They enjoy exploring the farm every day and playing with each other.

But why Goldendoodles?  Well, it all started with a cold nose and a warm heart—Jake.  Jake came into our lives many years ago as a beautiful, bright-eyed puppy.  His calm nature and bright personality made us immediately fall in love with him.  He was the sweetest, most docile puppy we had ever met.  He quickly learned house rules and provided our family with so much love and happiness.  From that moment on, Goldendoodles have been our passion. Next, came a playmate for Jake—Ottis.  He brought a spunky playful energy to our household and provided us with many laughs with his puppy antics.  Like Jake, he was easy to train and learned all kinds of tricks and commands.  Both dogs are extremely gentle with children and enjoy playing with them. We then decided to return to breeding and soon decided we needed a bigger space for our fur family, hence the farm!  

You can learn more about each of our dogs below (information on our two newest additions coming soon)!


The Boys



Ottis is an F1 Goldendoodle. He is a sweet and curious dog with a ton of personality.  Ottis loves to play with dogs of all shapes and sizes and can always be counted on to welcome new animals on the farm! Ottis is 46 lbs and 21" tall. Ottis is not in our breeding program. 



Jake is a standard F1 Goldendoodle and the reason we fell in love with the breed.  He is one of the most intelligent dogs we have ever met. It is actually uncanny how much he can understand.  We swear that he actually part human. He is 76lbs and 23" tall. Check out our Facebook Page to hear him "talk." Jake is not in our breeding program.



Rudy is a gentle and loving Moyen Standard Poodle.  He is a highly intelligent dog with a very docile nature.  He was very easily trained and never really seemed to have a "puppy-phase."  Moyen Standard Poodles are  in between the size of a Miniature and a Standard Poodle. He is 28lbs and 19" tall. Check out Rudy's many previous litters and planned litters.



Cole is our adorable Toy Poodle. He has a stunning jet-black coat that is soft and fleecy. He is a very calm and affectionate dog. Cole lives in a guardian home with a family member and is very loved. He is a well-behaved boy that is calm and obedient. Cole is 7lbs. We will hopefully have some Spring/Summer Petite Multigens from Cole with Paisley early summer.



Meet Oaklan, our Mini F1BB Goldendoodle. He is a beautiful chocolate colour with stunning caramel eyes. He is a very sweet and intelligent puppy who loves to cuddle.  His fur is so soft and he is 23lbs and 19" tall. Oaklan lives with a friend about 15 minutes away from the farm with kids and a standard Goldendoodle "brother".



Cosmo is a blue merle Standard Poodle and a stunning addition to our breeding program.  He is a very quick learner and loves to cuddle. Cosmo is also a regular visitor at a nursing home and the residents there look forward to his weekly visits.  Cosmo lives with Rudy about 5 minutes away from the farm. He is hopefully expecting his first litter with Sophie in June 2020.


Meet Tucker, our Standard F1B Goldendoodle. He has a curly apricot coloured coat with a stunning brown nose and amber eyes. He is a very smart puppy who learned to sit, potty outside and walk on a leash at 9 weeks old.  He lives with a good friend 15 minutes from the farm and lives with kids and a huge 1 acre yard to run and play. Tucker is 24" tall and weighs 68lbs. Tucker will join the breeding program soon.

Our dogs have had full breed-specific genetic health testing with Paw Print Genetics.

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Jake bday
Jake bday

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