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Upcoming Fall 2020
 F1bb  Mini Goldendoodles

Sadie was bred with Polo, a poodle from another breeder.  This will (hopefully) be Sadies' first litter.  Sadie is an F1b from one of Molly and Rudy's puppies from a previous litter.  She is about 25 lbs with a very soft wavy fur.  She is supposed to technically be a "medium" but her size/weight has her in the "mini" category.  Since her parents are medium and small standard, she may produce some puppies that are closer to medium size (30-40lbs).

Polo is a very small moyen standard poodle (standing only 17" tall). He is a sable merle parti. Their puppies would be Mini F1bb Goldendoodles, meaning that the adult-size of this litter should range from 20-40 lbs. This litter will be similar to an F1b litter with wavy or curly coats. Sadie and Polo could produce almost every colour and pattern imaginable (except for cream/apricot/red). Puppies could include: chocolate abstract, black abstract, chocolate parti, black parti, blue merle abstract, chocolate merle abstract, black phantom abstract, chocolate phantom abstract, blue merle parti, chocolate merle parti, black parti phantom, chocolate parti phantom, black abstract sable, brown abstract sable, black sable parti, brown sable parti, blue merle abstract sable, chocolate merle abstract sable, blue merle sable parti, chocolate merle sable parti.

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Sadie is clear for her Goldendoodle Essential and Supplementary genetic panels through parentage (Molly & Rudy) and Paw Print Genetics


Polo is clear for his Poodle Essential and Supplementary genetic panel.