The Puppy Room



We believe in raising our puppies in a home environment for their health and development.  We do not have a kennel.  When the puppies are due to be born, we convert our living room into a whelping room for mom and her puppies.  This allows us to keep a close eye on everyone and ensure that the puppies are socialized regularly. The puppies stay in this room for the first 3-4 weeks of their life.  We gradually make their puppy area larger as they reach new developmental milestones. 

Once the puppies have outgrown their dining room puppy area we move them to our newly renovated Puppy room.  We keep the puppy room clean and sanitized to ensure that everyone is healthy. We wash all of their bedding, beds, crates and toys every single morning.  The flooring gets a thorough cleaning two to three times a day. We also keep a close eye on their litter boxes to keep them tidy. 


We provide our puppies with enriching activities to stimulate their growing brains.  They have a ball pit, tunnel, wobble board, and we introduce new toys each week that make noises and have different sensory qualities (e.g. crinkly, squeaky).  We also expose them to different floorings regularly to familiarize them with different sensations and textures. We always have crates available for the puppies to nap in throughout the day.  

Puppy Room- near the end of the renovation

Puppy Room-  renovation complete